About the Artist

Kim Matthews Wheaton was born in 1950, in New York City. She grew up and attended school in San Francisco, Connecticut and Berkeley, California. Since 1997 she has lived and painted in the Columbia Basin Region of Eastern Washington, with her family, dogs and horses close at hand.

Serious painting began in high school and was followed up by formal training and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from U.C. Berkley. Instruction from Elmer Bischoff and the ready access to works by Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud were formative influences. Subsequently, Russell Chatham's work has had a significant effect.

Early works included large oil canvases of the gently seductive Northern California landscape. There followed a twenty year period of highly representational architectural painting, executed in gouache (watercolor) and featuring the distinctive building styles of New Mexico, San Francisco, Paris, Venice and the Caribbean. This body of work emphasized the interplay of light, shadows and surfaces.

By immersing herself in an environment that is closer to the western frontier, the artist has come full circle. Her current work, once again in oil, brings her back to a palette inspired by nature's own colors and features the wide rolling expanses and dramatic vertical coulees of the Columbia Basin.